Financial Assistance


There are many ways you can care for someone.

You can share your time and give them moral support and be there when they need you. As Humans we have an ingrained desire to care for one another and when we see someone hurting it is natural to want to help. Unfortunately many of us are separated by distance and have a lot going on in our own lives that doesn’t allow us to be there as much as we like. So we often send cards, food, flowers or donations to charities to show that we are thinking of them during this time in their life but could we do more?

Now you can take your act of kindness to a new level. is a local website specifically developed to help friends and families raise funds and show their support.

Within minutes friends, family members or co-workers can set up a personal page on and start a fundraiser. This is then very easy to share with email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and allow everyone the opportunity to share heartfelt condolences and donate to a very worthy cause.

The funds raised are then transferred to the family and the heartfelt comments and stories are shared by everyone for years to come. is more than just a website. GiveLocal is a group of people, with a passion for technology, that want to help others and who also care about the community. also helps those who don’t have as much as others by donating a percentage of proceeds to help others in our community find the help they need.

Know somebody that needs help? Start a campaign today.

Quick Estate - Estate Organization for Life

Calgary Crematorium & Funeral Service is honoured to assist families both before, during and after services, cremation and burial. Calgary Crematorium and Fuenral Services has developed a specialized aftercare program to help families. This aftercare program offers assistance with

  • Canada Pension Death Benefit
  • Canada Pension Survivors Benefits
  • Notifying
  • Revenue Canada
  • Company pensions
  • Vital Statistics
  • Alberta Health Care
  • Various Banks, Insurance Companies etc.

This service is conducted by one of our experiences Aftercare Specialist but is limited and not to be taken as legal advice.

The next step as an Executor or Next of Kin is the settling of the estate. This process varies for each family and we have found that QuickEstate™ is a great resource for Executors.